Nature Video Gallery

The Butterfly Conservatory

Glenn Baines takes you on a guided tour of the Conservatory.

Tropical Forests & Butterflies

A Visit to the Butterfly Conservatory, El Castillo-Arenal

by Fig Jam Studios

An Interview with Glenn Baines

by "Happier Than A Billionaire"

Trailer for "Metamorphosis"

Zoom In to a Blue Morpho!

What Gives the Morpho Butterfly Its Magnificent Blue?

Nipam Patel

Nanostructures in Morpho butterfly wings display photonic properties

Diana Kim

Butterfly Wings

Dragonfly TV

Zoom into a Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing

The Lawrence Hall of Science

The Beauty of Pollination

Jon Jwo

Mariposas Naciendo
Map of the Butterfly Conservatory and Gardens