A Learning Environment for Butterfly Friends and Enthusiasts

A Learning Environment for Butterfly Friends and Enthusiasts

Why Education Is The Key...

Butterflies are our primary focus, but all of nature is connected and interdependent; so we do research in many ecological areas. To have stable, healthy butterflies, we must also have clean water and healthy plants, along with insect and amphibian populations, so our research extends to these areas. The Conservatory land is adjacent to the rainforest reserves above this village, and two rivers form corridors to the reserve, where we conduct and monitor diversity surveys, environmental studies, and water quality programs.

The Butterfly Conservatory provides a natural laboratory where students and concerned scientists can do field research. The more we monitor and learn about our environment under stress, the better equipped we will be to protect it.

Our hope is that our grandchildren, and yours, will be able to experience the endless wonders in the neo-tropics surrounding Lake Arenal, providing a natural balance in the carbon/oxygen ratio in this incredible area of Costa Rica.

Educational Programs

There are programs for visiting professors and students in many areas, including biology, ecology, water quality, diversity surveys, and environmental studies. We also accommodate student volunteers in the areas of butterflies, frogs, plants, and water quality. Contact us directly at our email for further information on these programs.

Butterflies are some of the most extraordinarily colorful animals on the planet, and Costa Rica has around 1,250 species.  That is more than 10% of the world’s total.

At the Butterfly Conservatory we raise 35 different species during the year, and host over 1000 butterflies on the wing.


Frogs profoundly enhance our lives and our world in countless ways. Frogs are vital components of their ecosystems. In areas of the world where they have declined, there has been an increase in invertebrate pests that damage crops and that carry human diseases. Frogs have also played a vital role in human culture.

The Rainforest
Rainforests have been described as the "Lungs of our Planet" because they provide the essential environmental service of continuously recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. As an example, almost 20 percent of the world's oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest—the largest on Earth, and the Conservatory and its' forests form one more little lung for our Planet.

Volunteer Program

The Butterfly Conservatory has a volunteer program for persons who have a strong desire to make a difference by helping us heal Mother Earth by giving your time and talent to specific projects.  Contact us directly via our email for further information.